I was born in Budapest (Hungary), grew up in and around Dresden (Germany) and have lived, studied and worked for many years in London (UK). I have recently relocated with my family to Berlin for a new chapter.

I’m an artist. Key to my enquiry is the conflict between our desire for freedom and control in frameworks put forward by institutions. My practice develops through personal experience and is reflecting on formative sites such as the family, school or workplace. I'm looking at how navigating rules and norms in turn teases imagination - both as child and adult. I make sculptural and photographic work, interventions and use found objects. I’m interested in art’s seesawing between didactic and playful formats.
I hold an MFA Fine Art from Goldsmiths University and BA from Central Saint Martin’s College for Art and Design, London. My work was shown in group exhibitions, nominated for art prices and included in publications. I have been part of residencies with cultural and educational institutions, alternative spaces and have self-initiated projects. More here

I’m an interior maker. I reclaim, twist and colour. I rework junk or bog-standard furniture / pieces and turn them into unique and colourful objects – ready to function. It’s sustainable and fun. Besides, I make graphic murals and text interventions. Objects are available on commission. Some works are here

I’m a prop maker. I build props for school and play events using a mix of recycled, found and everyday materials. Recent themes included circus, seaside, Christmas, middle age, peace & love and wonderland. Some props are made in workshops together with children. More here

contact: annamaria@akardos.net